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Sustainability Assessment Services:
With growing concern about environmental sustainability and Greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, increasing number of companies will have to address their environmental credentials and performance. The GHG Inventory is being increasingly standardised in all OECD countries and the focus is now shifting to countries in the Asia Pacific. Initiatives like the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) are a mandate for investors to work with their investees to set right and assess their sustainable parameters and environmental credentials.
We now offer comprehensive support for firms in performing the following services-
Carbon Footprinting and GHG Inventory
GHG Management Audit Tools & Software
Sustainability & Environmental Risk Assessment of projects
Environmental Credential Assessment
Carbon Risk Advisory (Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions)
Reporting of credentials through internationally recognised platforms like Carbon Disclosure Project(CDP)
Standardised company report through Global Reporting Initiative(GRI)
Standardised company report through Global Reporting Initiative(GRI)
The services will be of great help to Investors, Fund Managers, Corporate Banks whose fiduciary duty will require them to perform such assessments in the coming few years. In addition it will guarantee them being kept on par with their peers in Europe, America, Japan and Australia. Financial firms can not only flaunt their environmental credentials, risk reduction of projects requiring investment will be performed and criteria reforming incorporated in project assessment.
In addition to this the advantage for firms is to help them achieve greater energy efficiency and being able to manage what they can measure. Energy Auditors trained exclusively to help firms in achieving greater transparency in operations and more importantly an internationally reputed label of accreditation will help firms with a vision to expand on the global arena and make multinational operations more sustainable.
As the future will demand more Responsible Banking, firms will need to gear up to address this requirement and given the rapid growth of the economy one has to take into account all measure to ensure creditworthy investments and sound investment strategies. The Energy Auditors task will be to help firms achieve all of the above objectives.
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