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    We adopt the best industry practices in our audit and accounting services. They are in compliance with guidelines and instructions of the
    various Indian regulatory authorities along with a concurrent reference to international accounting practices and standards.
    We offer the entire range of audit services such as:
  Business Enhancement Consultancy:
    The firm provides specialty advisory services by assisting clients in improving their organisation’s performance by assisting them with services such as fixed assets management, cost audit, management audit, credit monitoring, rationalisation of the internal control and check procedures, etc. Our scope of work is to visit clients and carry out a review with special emphasis with special emphasis on areas like compliance of all company law formalities and other allied laws like excise compliance, sales tax compliance, profession tax compliance, adequacy of insurance, inventory management, debtors management, plant operations, etc.
  Client preparation for IPO:
    The firm has a special division, which caters to various vendors of our clients. The core activities handled by us under this product are:
    Preparation of prospectus for IPO
    Strategic Planning for Corporates
    Selection of Co-ordinator
    The firm has a special division, which specialises in compliance area. The various activities covered under this product are:
    Income Tax Returns:
    Preparation of Compuatation of Income Tax Return
    E Filing of Income Tax Return of Individual, Corporates, AOP, BOI etc.
    Manual Filing of Income Tax Return of Trust.
    Representations during Income Tax Scrutiny Cases.
    With- Holding Tax Related Services:
    Individual Deduction of TDS from Contract Payments
    Individual Deduction of TDS from Professional Fees Payments
    Individual Deduction of TDS from Rent Payments
    Individual Deduction of TDS from Brokerage/Commission payments
    Individual Deduction of TDS from Salaries to staff
    Monthly payment of TDS on contract
    Monthly payment of TDS from Professional Fees
    Monthly payment of TDS from Rent
    Monthly payment of TDS from Brokerage/Commission
    Monthly payment of TDS from Salaries
    Monthly payment of Service Tax collected
    Quarterly Filing of TDS return related to Salary Payments
    Quarterly Filing of TDS return related to Other Payments
    Quarterly Filing of TDS return related to Foreign Payments
    Service Tax Related Services:
    Payment of Monthly/Quarterly Service Tax
    Filing of Half Yearly Service Tax Return(2 Returns)
    Representations during Service Tax Scrutiny Cases
    Profession Tax Related Services:
    Individual Deduction of Profession Tax from Salaries to staff
    Filing of Monthly Profession Tax Return(12 Returns)
    Filing of Annual Profession Tax Return(1 Return)
    Sales Tax Related Services:
    Filing of Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly Sales Tax returns
    Representations during Sales Tax Scrutiny Cases
    Services Realted to Office of Charity Commissioner:
    Preparation of Budget
    Fling of Budget
    Filing of Audited Accounts
    Filing of change report of Trustees
    Application for change in the constitution of Trustees
    Services Realted to Office of Reserve Bank Of India:
    Filing of activity report
    Filing of Audited accounts
    ROC Compliance:
    Application DIN
    Obtaining digital signature
    Filing of annual returns
    Preparation of minutes of board meeting    
    Preparation of minutes of annual general meeting
    Preparation of minutes of general meeting
    Registration with different statutory authorities:
    Profession tax registrations
    Service Tax Registrations
    Income Tax Related Registrations
    Sales Rax Registrations
    With holding Tax registrations
    Trade Mark/ Service Mark Registration with Registrar of Trade Mark.
    Registration with Reserve Bank of India
    Registration with Charity Commissioner
    Registration with Dictorate General of Foreign Trade.
  Corporate Advisory Services:
    This is one of the supplementary services offered by us along with our other services. These Services are directly related to Company Formation & regularisation of company documents with various authorities.
  Exchange control related matters:
    Advising companies on tax implications related to their investments. The firm interacts with the Foreign Investment Promotion Board and concerned departments of the RBI to assist foreign companies for investments in India or any other miscellaneous dealings.
  Fixed Asset Verifications:
    The team has been involved in fixed asset verification & valuation at PAN India Level. The team has successfully delivered verification reports to Fortune 500 companies based on which the clients have been able to in-house their verification systems and have reverted for valuable feedbacks on automating their asset tracking system.
  Tax services:
    This division offers a range of services ranging from the customary taxation matters to advisory and consulting services for expatriate salary repatriation, corporate taxation, partnership firms, individuals, non-profit organisations, setting up of joint ventures, tax audits, etc. The firm has a specialisation in representation before the Indian Taxation authorities on behalf of clients in matters relating to assessment proceeding, appeals, raids, notices, etc.
    We do valuations of :
    Being an activity that is very much influenced by individualistic expert opinions we strive to arrive at the best and precise valuation. In doing so we exert a lot of effort on understanding the nature of client operations, his objective for valuing, specific and circumstantial information and nevertheless on our practical aptness in the financial evaluation of enterprises.
  Other Management Services:
    Credit Monitoring
    Handling Outsourced departmental activities.
    Nostro Reconciliation
    RBI Reconciliations (R-Returns)
    Suspense Account Reconciliation
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